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The Future of Pre-Loved Fashion is Female: Spotlighting the Trailblazing Women Behind the Industry

At a time when sustainable practices are at the forefront of societal change, pre-loved fashion and rental services are taking the world by storm. This burgeoning industry is not only a testament to the growing awareness of sustainability in the fashion world, but also to the power of women leaders who are paving the way for a new era of eco-friendly elegance. From Vinted to The Cricket and Vestaire, the future of pre-loved fashion is undeniably female, with many platforms being spearheaded by visionary women. This article is the beginning of a series that will highlight the remarkable women leading this movement, their journey, and how their work inspires others to follow in their footsteps.

Eshita Kabra-Davies: By Rotation

Woman posing in front of a green shelving unit with a dog, wearing a pink dress. There are also handbags in the picture and ornaments.
Eshita Kabra-Davies, Founder of By Rotation

Eshita Kabra-Davies is one of the leading figures transforming the fashion rental industry. She is the founder of By Rotation, a peer-to-peer rental platform that’s revolutionising the way we think about our wardrobes. Kabra-Davies, who grew up in Singapore and India, experienced first-hand the disconnect between fast fashion and its environmental impact. This realisation led her to found By Rotation in 2019, with a mission to transform how we view fashion consumption.

By Rotation enables users to rent and lend clothes, creating a circular economy model within the fashion industry. Kabra-Davies's vision goes beyond simply renting garments – she aims to foster a sense of community amongst users. This community-centric approach allows women to share their style, taste, and even wardrobes with others, forging a connection that transcends the traditional consumer relationship.

Kabra-Davies has demonstrated that women are not only capable of leading businesses in a predominantly male industry, but they can do so with a unique touch. By Rotation's success speaks to her resilience and innovative spirit, inspiring other women to follow suit and make their mark in the industry.

Victoria Prew: HURR

Woman with long brown hair sat down wearing an orange outfit against a light brown background.
Victoria Prew, Founder of HURR

Another dynamic force in the pre-loved fashion industry is Victoria Prew, the founder of HURR. With a background in real estate, Prew recognised an untapped opportunity in the fashion rental sector. She launched HURR in 2018, aiming to offer a diverse range of high-end and affordable clothing options for women. The platform provides access to luxury brands and unique designs, democratising fashion and allowing women to experiment with styles that may have been previously out of reach.

HURR has set itself apart from competitors by emphasising quality, variety, and community. Prew's innovative approach to rental fashion has led to partnerships with iconic London stores like Selfridges, establishing HURR as a leader in the market. Prew's success shows that women can break into traditionally male-dominated sectors, using their unique perspectives to create impactful businesses.

The Importance of Female Leadership

The accomplishments of Kabra-Davies and Prew highlight the importance of female leadership in the not just the pre-loved fashion industry, but all industries. Their success is not only a testament to the potential of women entrepreneurs but also a source of inspiration for young girls and women considering a career in business.

In an industry where equality, diversity, and inclusion are paramount, these women leaders are making a significant impact. They prove that women can innovate, disrupt, and lead businesses, even in sectors historically dominated by men. By nurturing their businesses and promoting sustainable fashion, these women are paving the way for a new generation of female entrepreneurs.

My Journey: From Renting a Dress to a New Career

My journey into the pre-loved fashion industry began as a experiment, with a single dress. What started as an experiment has evolved into a passion for sustainable fashion. The realisation that I could give other women access to beautiful, high-quality clothing without contributing to the cycle of fast fashion ignited a spark in me.

This spark is now growing into a full-blown career path. Inspired by women like Kabra-Davies and Prew, I began to explore the industry more deeply, learning about the world of fashion rentals and the communities that drive it. The sense of purpose that comes from contributing to a sustainable, circular economy has been a driving force, pushing me to learn more and delve deeper into this world.

Through this journey, I’ve realised the profound impact of female leadership in the pre-loved fashion sector. The women leading these companies are not only building successful businesses but also creating opportunities for others. Their stories inspire me to continue my own path in the industry, and to encourage other women to pursue careers in pre-loved fashion and other industries.

A Source of Inspiration and Change

The growing pre-loved fashion industry is not just a beacon of sustainability; it’s also a testament to the potential of female entrepreneurs. Women like Kabra-Davies and Prew are transforming the industry, proving that businesses can thrive while adhering to eco-friendly practices.

Their success is not only a win for sustainability but also a milestone for gender equality. By showcasing the achievements of female entrepreneurs, these women are inspiring a new generation to follow their lead. They are proving that women can lead in diverse fields, build successful businesses, and make a meaningful impact on the world.

The future of pre-loved fashion is bright, and it is unquestionably female. Women like Eshita Kabra-Davies and Victoria Prew are leading the charge, transforming the fashion industry with their innovative ideas and sustainable practices. Their success serves as a reminder of the power of women entrepreneurs and the importance of diversity in business.

As the industry continues to evolve, these women are laying the groundwork for a new generation of leaders. Their stories inspire others to explore careers in pre-loved fashion, creating a ripple effect that goes beyond their individual success. The future of pre-loved fashion is more than just a trend – it’s a movement led by powerful women, changing the way we view fashion, business, and the world.


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