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From Passion to Prosperity: Taking Charge of Your Future in Uncertain Times

This article is going to be a little different from my usual articles but I feel that in the current climate, it is important to talk about the issues that are affecting us and our communities.

A black woman stood against a black background featuring the BBC Radio 1 Xtra logo in a pink dress holding her award.
Receiving an award for my social justice work in 2022

Social Justice

In previous articles I have touched on the fact that I am very passionate about issues around social justice (I will be sharing more about this in the coming months). Earlier this week, I was fortunate enough to be in the audience for one of the many election debates that are currently taking place in the lead up to Thursday 4th July, when we will be heading to the ballot boxes to cast our votes. I am a firm believer that we should all be active citizens and wherever possible, play our part in shaping society to ensure that we all thrive both now and in the future.

Party Political Broadcasting

Representatives of four of the political parties (Conservatives, Labour, Liberal Democrats and Reform), formed the election panel who were there to secure our votes. Sadly, I came away uninspired and underwhelmed. My main area of interest was around small business, as I have been working for myself since May 2023. To say that I was disappointed in what each representative had to say would be an understatement. At no point was I convinced that any of the parties in question, are capable of doing what is needed to overcome the challenges that so many of us are facing - the cost of living crisis, energy bills, food poverty, etc…

Creating Your Own Wealth & Security

This got me thinking about what I have been doing over the last 14 months. Whilst taking the leap and working for myself was something that I knew I needed to do, it was not the only reason that I decided to go down this path. The reality is that nowadays, no job is safe. The days when you had a job for life are long gone. Secondly, working for someone else, meant that ultimately, I am using my skills, abilities and experience to build someone else’s dreams instead of using them to build me own. Thirdly, when you work for someone else, you are impacting their bottom line, not yours. Yes, we receive our salaries but the fact remains that ultimately the owner of the business (and shareholders, if the business has them), are making more money than we are.

Making our Dreams a Reality

As many of you will know by now, my foray into fashion rentals started purely by accident. It was never meant to become a viable business venture, out of which would come a course, a book and other opportunities that are currently in the works. This combined with the state of our country, economy and politics has reinforced my belief that now more then ever, we need to look to ourselves to build our wealth and shape our own lives rather than relying on others (including politicians), to do it for us. When it comes to creating our dream lives, it is up to us to do what we need to do to make them a reality.

Be Your Own Leader

Whatever goals you have for yourself, whether it’s starting your own side-hustle as I did with my fashion rentals, paying off your mortgage or just living a more balanced life, make sure that you take full ownership and control when it comes to making them happen. It is clearly evident that nobody is coming to save us - we are the saviours that we have been waiting for. Now is the time for us all to be the lead actor in our own lives as opposed to playing any kind of supporting role. And if you have moments of doubt, that’s perfectly okay. If I can do it, then so can you.

If you are looking for someone to lead you to where you want to be, look no further than in the mirror. And on the 4th July, don’t limit your vote to the ballot box. Vote for yourselves too, to be the ones to help bring about change.


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