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A Tale of Two Wedding Dresses

The year 2020 was an unforgettable year in more ways than one. The global pandemic brought life as we know it to a complete standstill and we found ourselves being instructed to stay home. However, life was very exciting in our household before covid. In January 2024, my sister Louise got married. It was one of the rare days that I wasn’t actually on social media as no social sharing was allowed (which turned out to be the best decision as it meant that everyone was fully present on the day). The wedding was beautiful and intimate. On arrival at Battersea Park, we were greeted by the dulcet tones of a guitarist (Spanish guitar) playing some of the couple’s favourite songs. A coming together of family and friends to celebrate the ultimate fashion label that looks good on everyone - the label of love.

Speaking of labels, it’s time to turn one of the most important aspects of any wedding day - the dress or in my sister’s case - two wedding dresses. Louise and I are very practical people. When something needs to be done, we just get on and do it, which is exactly what she did. With no fuss whatsoever, Louise found and purchased two beautiful dresses from Temperley London and Pronovias. As we had not been there to see her try them on, we would have to wait until the big day for the reveal. As dresses are my thing, I was very excited (plus by this point, I had found my own dress and it was in my favourite colour - pink).

Bride and Groom beings serenaded with confetti by their wedding guests
The Happy Couple - Louise and Ben | Photo Credit: Cammy Hudson

On the big day, the moment came for the bride to walk in and there she was. My little sister looked beautiful in her first dress (Lola by Temperley London). I glanced over at my mother to find her smiling broadly and proudly - a moment and memory that never fails to make me smile.

Anyway, back to the dresses. The first dress, Lola by Temperley London was exquisite. Inspired by vintage lingerie, it has delicate lace detailing and features a sumptuous strapless and corseted embellished bustier with embroided panelling. The detailed waistband is beautiful and the full tulle skirt is fit for a Princes - a Disney Princess to be precise.

Bride and Groom. The bride is wearing a wedding dress and the groom is wearing a wedding suit.
Louise in her first dress - Lola by Temperley London | Photo Credit: Cammy Hudson

The second dress (Vanila by Pronovias), worn for the evening, looked just as beautiful as the first but was a different style entirely. Vanila is a crepe mermaid wedding dress with bateau neckline decorated with gemstone embroidery on the shoulders.

A bride wearing a backless wedding dress with embroidered detailing. The bride is also wearing a tiara and carrying a bouquet.
Louise in her second dress - Vanila by Pronovias

Creating More Moments & Memories

As I said earlier, the dress is one of the most important aspects of the day. All women want to feel special on their wedding day and with this in mind, Louise has entrusted both dresses to me and requested that I rent them out so other women can enjoy them. In a previous article, I wrote about the fact that clothes are more than fabric stitched together - they are memories in the making, stories waiting to be told. Louise created the most wonderful memories in these beautiful gowns. It is now time for them to create and be part of other women’s memories, giving them as much joy as they have given to my sister.

Both dresses are available to rent via By Rotation.

Four people sat at a table, clapping and smiling - being happy.
The Happy Couple & Family | Photo Credit: Cammy Hudson



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